System for thermal diffusion processes

Diffusion furnaces for  oxidation processes, annealing and diffusion in P, B, As etc atmosphere.

    • Quantity of equipment: 7 furnaces (21 reactors).
    • Wafers diameter: up to 5 inch.
    • Temperature: 300–1250°С.
    • Annealing flows under: 300–400°С.
    • Gases that can be utilizing during the processes: Ar, N2, H2,
       O2, BBr3, PCl3.
    • Thickness of oxide layer: from 30 nm up to 1 µm.
    • Wafers number in one technological process: 50 wafers in
       one reactor.
    • Equipment contain tools for quality control of wafers
       (electrical parameters, control of film thickness).

Modernisation is needed:
in the case of processing with bigger wafers diameters.

The amount required for modernization ~1.000 USD.
(for one reactor)