Deep level transient spectroscopy (DLTS)

BRDL-4605, Bio Rad, (USA)

  • • The definition of electrically active defects (structural defects
       radiation and micro impurities) in silicon and other
       semiconductors, which are characterized by the presence
       of deep levels (DL) in the bandgap of the material.
  • • Identification of DL, analysis of their concentrations NDL, the
       energy position in the band gap and concentration profiles
       near the surface.

  • • Definition of cross electron and holes trapping by deeper levels.


Test structures:

  • • Schottky diodes;
  • • p-n junctions;
  • • MDS-driven junctions (diodes).
  • The minimum capacity of semicond. structures DL: 5-10 pF.

    Sensitivity of NDL determination: 1×10-5 Nd, where Nd – basic dopant concentration in semiconductor.

    Sensitivity of NDL determination in silicon with doping level 1.1×1015cm-3 is 1010 atm/cm3

    Accuracy of DL activation energy: 0.01 eV