Research directions

IMD possesses itself as as a multidisciplinary research and industrial center, which in addition to its own research priorities cooperating with Ukrainian and international groups. Such scientific and industrial cooperation allows to accumulate intellectual potential of about 15 research laboratories and industrial companies from different areas of science and technology all around the world. Each group focused on the aspects that related to nanoscale structures and phenomenas that vary from biotechnology to fiber optics. Some areas currently being implemented or can be implemented at the IMD in a close cooperation with our partner groups. List areas You can find below:


Research Laboratory "Nanotechnologies", Dr. Gennadiy GOROKHDepartment of Microelectronics,
Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics


Agnitron Research Group, Dr. Andrey OSINSKYR&D of MOCVD & CVD solutions
Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering, Dr. Konstantin POKHODNYANorth Dakota State University


Kocabaş Research Group, Dr. Coşkun KOCABAŞ Research laboratory of Quantum electronicsBilkent University
Omer Ilday Research Group, Dr. Ömer ILDAY Research laboratory of nonlinear optics. UFOLABBilkent University
ULSIS, Dr. Erhan ALPMAN R&D on high frequency and high precision motion controlsULSIS, Ankara, Turkey


Research group of Prof. Osinsky, Volodymyr OSINSKY Micro- & nano(opto)electronics
Dept. of technological & analytical research
Research group of Prof. Dovbeshko, Dr. Galyna DOVBESHKO Department of physics of biological systemsInstitute of Physics, NASU
Research group of Prof. Ivan Blonsky, Prof. Ivan BLONSKY Department of photonic processes, Dr. Mykola DMITRUKInstitute of Physics, NASU
Research group of Prof. Raisa Konakova, Prof. Raisa KONAKOVA Laboratory of Physics-technological problems of solid-state super-high frequencies electronicsV.E. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics