Our mission is to train & engage experts through our fields of interest, develop, fabrication & implementation new and high technologies based on work with micro- & nanostructures to strengthen the competitiveness of Ukrainian products in international markets and hence to contribute to the innovative develop & improvement of living standards in Ukraine.

To this end,

  • IMD, being a national research enterprise of excellence in micro- & nanotechnology, carries out professional research targeting to develop new technologies or prototypes.
  • IMD, being a manufacturing enterprise of excellence in creation of micro- & nanotechnology products, carries out creation of high-performance equipment and electronic elements for different applications.
  • IMD announces project calls to partner institutions to do joint R&D on current problems of the industry.
  • IMD trains technique personnel, researchers and experts through courses & trenings in the fields of our interest.
  • UNAM creates a platform for the exchange of know-how and joint work with Ukrainian scientists abroad.
  • IMD develops management information datasheets for laboratory safety systems to be used also in similar research centers & enterprises.
  • IMD organizes regional and national workshop and conferences.
  • IMD takes part into sharing the information about our activities in micro-, nanoscience & nanotechnology.

IMD Academic secretary,
Dr. Petro Deminskyi