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Special-purpose scientific & technological programme on the “Development and implementation of energy saving LED light sources and lighting systems based on them” CMU №632 from 09.07.2008.

Developmental work on the “Creation of a pilot research manufacturing line for the production of superbright white RGB LED”

“Development of scientific bases of template nanostructures technology for integrated optoelectronic elements based on III-nitride materials” (Contract number F41 / 70-2012, 12.06.2012.)

Scientific and technological work on the “Creation and manufacturing implementation of energy-efficient solid-state lighting sources” (Contract №DZ/502-2011, 29.09.2011. №1 23.08.2012.)

Developmental work on the “Development of energy efficient LED lighting for subway train carriage illumination”

Technology tracking for manufacturing of a flexible carriers at JSC “Angstrom”, Russia.

“The Development of coordinate-sensitive solid state detector for imaging the internal structure of objects in X-ray system with phase contrast.” Stage 1 (2013)

Production and study of experimental microelectronic coordinate-sensitive detectors of charged particles for spectroscopy.

Development of technological process for manufacturing aluminum-polyimide loops achieved from lacquer-foil dielectric with a full degree polymer coating imidization.

B140UD17-2 Microcircuit assembling 2 thousand units.

“Development, production and investigation of an X-ray image forming model system for phase contrast method” Stage 2

Developmental work “Creating a research manufacturing section for the production of superbright white RGB LEDs”

Large-scale integrated circuit manufacturing (LSI) based on CMOS technology for microelectronic coordinate-sensitive detector.

The development of flexible polyimide carriers for unpackaged operational amplifiers crystals assembly and micro circuits assembly.

The development of flexible thermistors on a flexible aluminum-polyimide carrier

Production and study of LED experimental samples of LED luminaires for outdoor usage.

Developing of a system for continuous temperature monitoring with nickel sensors on a flexible polyimide carrier.

Scientific and technological work “Test and optimization of system for X-ray imageing formation and its implementation into X-ray devices” (agreement with the Presidium of NAS #110, 01.04.2015)

Production of 4 inch Thermally Oxidized Silicon wafers (customer – Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey).

The establishment of the process section to study growth processes of multicomponent nanostructures of III-nitrides with a high degree of electron states coherence based on quantum dots for devices operation at room temperature.

The project on the creation of advanced research methods for microelectronic structures characterization

The project on complex research of physical phenomena in the solar cell modules to detect electrically active electroluminescent defects (EAELD).

The development of coordinate-sensitive detector for difractometry.

The development of Si p-i-n photodetector.

The development of solid silicon linear-type & matrix-type diode detectors.

The development of the new generation of microelectronic coordinate-sensitive detectors with an extended 5 cm field analysis of the unspecified ion beams spatial distribution.

The development of the functional schemes of specialized large-scale IC for for microelectronic coordinate-sensitive detectors.

Experimental batch fabrication of technological structures for far infrared region photodiodes based on “chrome-on-sapphire” and “chrome on quartz glass”

The project for the technological assembly of photodiode FD-301 photosensitive capsules that is able to withstand 300 cycles of cooling in the range 20ºC-196°C.