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  1. Heterojunction SiGe bipolar transistors for silicon super-high frequencie electronics
  2. VLSI based microelectronic coordinate-sensitive detector devices for element analysis materials
  3. Microelectronic coordinate-sensitive mass-spectrometer detector
  4. VLSI based microelectronic coordinate-sensitive detector for elemental analysis of materials
  5. Low noise amplifiers based on SiGe-HBT for ultra-wideband systems
  6. Charged particles coordinate-sensitive detector for spectroscopy
  7. Templete layers for Si/A3B5 nanoheterostructures
  8. Nanocarbide processes via MOCVD-epitaxy of III-nitride structures
  9. The temperature and concentration properties of Si/A3B5 RGB light sources
  10. Thermal processes in Si/A3B5 RGB LED matrixes
  11. Simulation of Influence of Template Size on Misfit Dislocation in Nanostructures
  12. Information conception of image perception at solid-state lighting
  13. Si/SiO2/III-nitrides nanotempletes
  14. The photoluminescence spectra of GaN/InGaN multiple quantum wells on GaN nanorods
  15. Carbides of A3B5 for opto- and microelectronics compounds – new class materials
  16. Si/A3B5 one chip integration of white LED sources
  17. Crystal lattice engineering the novel substrates for III-nitride-oxide heterostructures
  18. The Dependence Of Si/A3B5 Light Source Photoluminescence Efficiency On Dynamic Displacements Of Atoms In The Crystal Lattice
  19. Nonpolar GaN grown on Si by hydride vapor phase epitaxy using anodized Al nanomask
  20. Superluminescent laser-integrated nanocarbonized matrix pumping the neodymium lasers YAG:Nd
  21. III-nitride growth mechanisms in the self-organized Alumina nanoreactors
  22. Towards the creation of intelligent lighting via Si/III-nіtride LED structures integration
  23. Technology and characterization of Si based planar p-i-n photodiode for scintielectronic detectors
  24. The microstrip metal detectors
  25. The looking for new possibilities of improvement of receiving-detecting circuit for digital radiographic systems with advanced spatial resolution
  26. Detectors characteristics investigation based on scintillator-photodetector for digital radiography
  27. Research on Improvement of Receiving-Detecting Circuit for Digital Radiographic Systems with Advanced Spatial Resolution
  28. Strip Detector for high spatial resolution dosimetry in microbeam radiation therapy
  29. Silicon strip detectors for on-line X-ray microbeam characterisation and dosimetry
  30. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research
  31. Development and characterisation of Si coordinate-sensitive detectors for high energy physics and nuclear physics
  32. Characteristics & radiation tolerance of a double-sided microstrip detector with polysilicon beasing resistors
  33. Planar sensors for dosimetry in mixed γ- and neutron fields
  34. Neutron dosimetry with planar silicon p-i-n diodes
  35. Position indication integrated circuit based on the photodetector line reading from CCD with buried channel
  36. Micro-strip metal foil detectors for the beam profile monitoring
  37. Micro-strip Metal Foil Detectors for the beam profile monitoring
  38. Radiation characteristics of α-, β-, γ- semiconductor detectors based on p-i-n structures and application in dosimetry and radiometric instruments
  39. Study of Si-based multielements p-i-n photodiode structures
  40. The development of multichannel coordinate-sensitive γ-, X-ray detector systems based on Si-integrated technology
  41. P-i-n- photodiodes based on high-resistivity Si and γ-, X-ray detectors scintillator-photodiodes
  42. Ultraviolet photodiodes based on zinc selenide (ZnSe)
  43. UV-A and UV-B ranges detectors based on silicon diodes with matrixes structure of p-n junction
  44. Development of detection units and software for dosimetric and radiometric instruments
  45. Plasma technologies for manufacturing of micro-strip metal detectors of ionizing radiation
  46. Challenges & ways related to the development of microelectronic technologies in Ukraine
  47. Spectral Characterization of a Blue-Enhanced Silicon Photodetector
  48. The development of microelectronics in Ukraine – way to the competitiveness of Ukrainian industry and economy
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